Friday, March 21, 2008

Each day is free

I was reading a poem the other day and it was telling me that the beautiful daffodils outside were free. All I had to do was look at them and it didn't cost me anything. I thought what an interesting idea. Look at all the things that are free. March 21st is free! A free day! I can do any thing I want wih it. My pond is melting and there have been 2 ducks in it. Free to look at and enjoy. The kids have been jumping on the trampoline the last week. You guessed it, free! Look around at all the free stuff. Tomorrow when you wake up it will be another free day to enjoy. Happy 3 days before Easter. Going to church on Easter Sunday will be free.

Hope you are all happy or at least relatively so. Love, Mom

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bevyn's Blessing

What a great day for a baby blessing. Bevyn looked adorable. I really need to learn how to add pictures. The whole day was nice. It was a little cold but beautiful and sunny. Life is pretty good to our family.
Zac and Kylee slept in their new house last night. Hey, I hadn't noticed this before but tomorrow it will be 5 years that we moved into our house out here in Draper. We could always remember the date because it was 3-3-03. Now if they ever forget their move in date I will remember it was 2 days before ours in 2008. [3-1-08]

Love, Sharon

Saturday, March 1, 2008

About those really good salads.

I think of you [Jamie] every time we make our "really good" salads. Also every time I use my glass salad bowl like yours, except mine isn't so fancy, yours has all those chips along the top.

One of the "really good" salads we're making is your chicken, pasta, spring mix salad with the plum sauce. We make it all the time, except I always forget I'm supposed to marinate the chicken. Usually I forget the chicken, but this time I didn't.

I'm not a very good typist and it takes me a few minutes to clean up my mistakes. I may just get lazy one of these days and sent my message as is. Hope you all won't mind.

Much love, you're always in my prayers, Mom

More Snow?

We are having a "white out" here tonight. It's hard to believe the kids were out on the deck and trampoline today in their bare feet. Robyn is downstairs fixing food. She is having her friends from work over for some ping pong and other assorted games. They sound like a fun bunch.

April fixed me up with a fancy new background. I love it!

I bought 2 new Mary Higgins Clark novels. I'm going to snuggle in bed with one eye on T.V. and the other on my book. My favorite thing to do, especially on a very cold, snowy March night.