Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We got the house all clean yesterday and so this morning I shined the hard wood floor. I had the door open. The sun was shining and the birds were just a singing. Boy, did I have spring fever. Except for the fact that soon I'll have to start on yard work. I kind of like all that snow covering up all that work. Maybe it won't be as bad as I think. I wish I loved it like some people do. Oh well, I'll do my best.

Jim took some cute pictires of the twins. Maybe April can find one of them.

I just looked at everyone's blogs. It's fun. We talked to Kris this morning. He has 2 more days in Radiaology. Then he starts the rest of his life in orthopedics.

Joshua wasn't getting his way the other day and he told Jamie it was a good thing she was cute. Also when he couldn't have something he said "mom you're killing me".

Aren't kids great?

Christopher starts his pre-comp swim team tonight. He will practice mondays, wednesdays and saturdays. Hope he likes it. Also, the girls are starting their gymnastics class next week.

We'll see everyone Sunday with our salads. Love Forever. Mom

Monday, February 18, 2008


Robyn and I took Savannah to Nightime Pediatrics last night. She has been complaining of a bad tummy ache for about 3 days. You know off and on not constantly. Actually Robyn took her to the Dr. on Sat. Sunday she was crying really hard. They checked her and she has the same thing Conner had awhile back- FOP. She took some medicine and Jim gave her a blessing and she is doing much better. You start to imagine all kinds of things. Also Caitlyn has had a fever and passed out on Sunday morning, She seems fine. She asked Robyn if she was going to die. Scary for little children.

I just finished writing Zac and Kylee's "Doggie Door" story in my history. I laughed while I wrote it.

Hope you are all doing well Love, Mom