Monday, January 28, 2008


It was so fun to see everyone at Scott and Michelle's on Sunday. Scotty and Heidi looked great. Of course Tayton was darling. I knew she wouldn't come to me willingly so I forced her and sneaked a kiss when she wasn't looking. Sounds like they are all doing great in Kansas. [Pretend like there's a picture of Tayton and her parents]

So sad to lose President Hinckley. Thankfully he didn't have to suffer or linger. My prayers are with his family and the General Authorities. [Pretend like there's a picture of Pres. Hinckley]

Whitney got accepted to the "U". She is very excited but still doesn't know for sure what to do. [Pretend like there's a picture of Whitney with her acceptance letter, which we haven't taken yet] Maybe April could doctor these up a little for me.

(From April: "I done my bestest" )

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jim fell down

A couple of weeks ago we went to a viewing out on Redwood Road. Jim let me out by the steps. When I got out I told him it was very slippery and not to fall down. He didn't mind me. He stuck his foot out and down he went! It all happened very fast. He layed there in the snow thinking now what am I going to do. He had a hard time getting up. Finally he grabbed on to the door and pulled himself up. He didn't have his jacket on but his white shirt and suit pants got all dirty. I was inside talking to relatives. I wondered what was taking him so long. I didn't know he was outside falling down. I thought he would be sore the next day. He either wasn't or he didn't complain. Be more careful. That black ice will get you every time.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

misspelled words

I do know how to spell "and". I proof read my comments too. That's sad. That's what I get for making fun of all of you when you misspell words. Sorry, I will be nicer.

New Years Day 2008

I can't believe 2007 went so fast! What happened? Where was I? It is a beautiful, sunny day today the first day of 2008. That's a good sign.
I love looking at all the blogspots anf websites. It's a cool way to keep in touch.
We love you all and care for you so much. We truly hope the new year will be a wonderful one filled with good health, good choices and lots of fun and happiness.