Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A walk through a week at the West's

We have had kind of an eventful last few days. It all started with Jordan falling down while riding his long board and breaking his collar bone. He may still have to have surgery to remove 2 little pieces of bone. I hope not. Then Hayden had all four wisdom teeth out and was pretty miserable. On top of that misery he got a dry socket. Ouch! The good news is April has a new "career". Way to go April! Porter has to be out to go to his dentist appointment because he got so upset last time they couldn't finish. Poor baby. James is working in Florida. Hope his back holds out.
Brett and Whitney both graduated from high school. Yay! {I'm not sure how to spell that} We took Whitney to the Five Alls for her graduation dinner. Abbie and Jordan are out of Jr. High. Christopher turns 12 today. We are all going to dinner. His dinner request included steak and creme brulee. He and Conner will be going to Junior High. Scary. Whitney is at a job interview as I write. Hope she does well.
Kris and Scott and their families spent a few days in Florida at Disneyworld. Sounds like they had a good time. Ryan's birthday was yesterday. The Hunts and their rats are doing well. Julie has been doing lots of yard work. I don't know who she got that from. That gene escaped me. Jessica has a birthday this month. She is enjoying her 3 horses. Kris and Julie also have birthdays this month.
Lucky me I got to spend Sunday morning in the emergency room for a kidney stone. After a few hours the pain went away. I don't know if I passed it or if it's lurking in there just waiting to strike again.
We spent a few days in St. George with the kids. It was fun. Abbie went on to California with Liz.
My brother Jeff and his wife Kim are about to become grandparents. Joey is in the hospital right now. Kim and Jeff got the news while we were at lunch today. Nohing in the world like getting a new baby.
So far it's been an interesting summer. If it would just warm up. Love to all. Mom