Saturday, April 26, 2008

Isn't the computer age great?

Computers are wonderful. Caitlyn and Savannah love to play games on them. This morning they started telling me they wanted a dog and they were going to ask their dad to buy them one and keep it at his house. So they were figuring out how this was going to work, because there are quite a few pets over there already. So they were having this funny conversation between themselves. Savannah started by telling Caittlyn if they got a dog they were going to have to delete one of the cats. They didn't really want to delete any of them but decided the best one to delete was Elliot because he was kind of mean. I was just laughing to myself while they were deciding what to do and who to delete. Aren't kids great?

Love to all of my dear, sweet family that I love with all my heart. I pray so hard for each one of you every day. Grandma Sharon

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Momma Ballou said...

Too funny!!!! Porter's latest hang-up is that he will only eat yellow popsicles. That is the ONLY color he will allow to stain his mouth. Coo Coo